May 16, 2009

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him

1 Samuel 1:27

Friday, January 30, 2009


So I don't know how early you can feel your peanut's hiccups...

But I am pretty sure I am feeling them right now!!

I think I might have felt them on Tuesday too, but now that I am feeling that same feeling again...I think that has to be it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

24 weeks and counting

I am officially in my 25th week! whoo hoo! These pictures were taken on Saturday when I turned 24 weeks. It feels good to be at this just means that in 3 months or less this little man will be here. I cannot wait to hold him and see him, and just snuggle him. Soak in all that baby cuteness and good's going to be soon!


here is my and my grandpa (peanut and Luke's great grandpa) getting a belly shot together.

and then he asked my mom to take a "serious" picture of him, ya know, without him sticking his gut out. He was seriously making me laugh so hard!

And then we needed one with my stepdad...Papaw Jeff!

And then Luke had to get in on the action. But apparently he can only kiss the baby when my shirt is pulled up. He does it everytime.
We ordered peanut's crib and dresser last night from JC Penny and they should be in very soon. Which makes me so excited because I am feeling like I need to get everything done! I never really had that "nesting" experience with Luke. Maybe it's because I felt like I had all the time to get it done (even though he came 4 weeks early) because it was just me and Brandon. Now I feel like I am running out of time!
We need to move Luke's room upstairs with the baby, get the baby furniture, set it up, decorate their rooms, move the closets around, move the office to the other bedroom since Luke is taking the office upstairs, and then make Luke's old room into the playroom, and make the dining room what it was intended to be! AGH! stresses me out to think about it all. I know it will all come together, and that it really won't take a lot of time, especially because I will have Brandon to help me and my mom and sister have offered to help too. It's just knowing that I won't be able to do as much as I want since my belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.....and I get tired quicker already! It will all come together. right????

Sunday, January 25, 2009

oh my goodness....all that cuteness!

Do you EVEN see what those sweet little boy clothes say?!?!?!?! YES....LITTLE PEANUT! I about died when we walked into Gymboree at Greenwood a few weeks ago and saw these clothes.
I, unfortunately...and well, fortunately, did not walk out with them that day. Just the body suite itself was 15 bucks! But, they sure were darn cute. And I am almost certain our little peanut would look absolutely adorable in all of it when he gets here in just 3 short months!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rewind Part 2

Rewind Part 1


after Brandon got home and we packed up in the car to head to the parents, we were trying to come up with creative ways to tell them. With Luke it was easy....we found out the day before Valentine's Day and just got them cards from their new grandbaby..and of course once they opened those cards, they knew right away. But this time we had no holiday to fall back on....and no creative juices flowing to tell them in a special way....

soooooooooooo.....we thought, what if we just swung by Target real quick and got a "big brother" shirt for Luke and put it on him real quick to see if they noticed it when we went in. Well, did you know that Target doesn't have those shirts? And neither does Kohls.....or JC Penny's.....or Children's Place......or Old Navy. NONE of those stores had one stinkin shirt that said "big brother!" this time it was already getting close to 8pm so Brandon suggested just throwing in the towel and going home. But there was no way I was not telling my mom or sister that night because I was going to be with them the whole day the next day! I couldn't keep it in any longer!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

went back in the same week!

After I had my appointment that week, I began to feel this little man's movements slow down a bit on Thursday. I tried not to think much of it especially since I was almost only 22 weeks. But, as the day wore on, and I didn't feel him like I normally did, I got a tad bit worried. I waited until Friday morning when I had to call for some results from some tests anyway and asked them about the movements. They told me if I wanted to I could go right on in and they would listen for the heartbeat. So, in I went! Better to be reassured right? Especially since the weekend was coming up, I didn't want to have to wonder all weekend long.

It's not that I didn't feel him at all. I just didn't feel him like normal. He is a crazy guy in there...and his movements have definetly gotten strong and more consistent, especially since when I first really felt him at 16 weeks. So, I just wondered why he had slowed down so much.

When I went in, he checked my stomach, and said everything felt really good. And then as soon as he put the dopper on my tummy, there it was! His little heartbeat. So then I felt stupid. BUT at least I could ease my mind about his movements. Apparently, the doctor said at least, I am feeling him like a "normal" 21 week person would feel him. And that is rare for me to have felt him consistently for so long. But I think the doctor was just trying to come up with some reason why he slowed down so much for that 24 hour period. So who really knows. All I know is his little heartbeat sounded great! and reassuring!!!

And of course he has more than made up for those 24 hours I didn't feel him that much. Now, he is back to his normal routine of rolling and wiggling in the belly. I love it though. It reminds me he is okay and I love feeling him.

oh, and Luke was very well behaved at the doctors office. He sat there in the chair and listened to the heartbeat and was so good. I was so proud. At least now I know I can take him to the routine appointments by myself without having to worry about how he will do. So that's nice!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5 month check up

I had my 21 week appt today. And things went very well. Baby is doing well and measuring good for 21 weeks. Actually, my belly measured at 20 cm today, which is fine by me! I always measured a week behind with Luke too so that is normal for me. She went to listen to his heartbeat, and couldn't get a clear sound of it because he is moving like crazy!! He kicked her several times and made her lose her spot to hear him. Crazy kid!!! She didn't tell me the heartbeat this time, but I can find out next month I think. All the other symptoms I am feeling are normal right now, which is always reassuring to hear.

I am pretty sure she is leaning towards the direction of a csection with this one. Which is fine by me, my recovery with Luke was pretty difficult and I still experience a few side effects from his delivery. Their is one main thing she is worried about for me with another vaginal delivery, one that is a little TMI for me to mention on here! ( I know me? yep...some things can be a little embarrassing) and it's definetly something I never want to experience in my life if I can help it, so I am totally leaning towards a csection too. And I'm sure if I told her that is what I wanted she woudn't even think twice about doing one. But I didn't tell her I was 100% on that yet, (even though I think I am) so we are just going to moniter the growth of this little peanut as the D Day draws closer. My guess is he will be over 6lbs, which, in my case, would probably give a definete reason to do a csection. (Luke weighed 5lbs 14 oz at 36w 2d)

She told me at my next appt on Feb 3, I need to schedule the remainder of my appointments! Can you believe that??? The remainder of my appointments! We can't believe we are only 4 months away from meeting this little man. It seems surreal that we are having another baby....and there are moments we think...OMG, we are going to have 2 kids! count them....2!! But it's great and we are so looking forward to holding this little guy in our arms. and never putting him down....people will have to knock us to the ground to hold him. Just kidding....but seriously.....

We by no means want to rush this time with Luke. He is our first. He made us parents. and this time we have with him now we know we will never ever get back...and that's a little sad to think about it. But then we think about all the fun times these 2 brothers are going to have together, and we just smile and get excited for what God has in store for us in the next few months....and years! It will be a great time.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Rewind Part 1

Since I started this blog a little late into my pregnancy, I thought I would take the time to do a few rewinds so that I can remember some days in the beginning. So, really, don't feel like you have to read these, but I want to try and capture it before it fades from my already REALLY forgetful mind.

September 11, 2008

My cycles had been really long this time around off the pill and by the time September 11 came around it was already day 34 of my cycle. Aunt Flo had not made her appearance yet in the morning, but I honestly did not think that that was the month it happened because on day 28 (the Friday before) I took a pregnancy test ( 5-6 days sooner..we were eager to know!) and had gotten a Big Fat Negative on a pretty expensive test. So I thought our chances were pretty slim by the time day 34 came around...I just thought, I'll run to the dollar store and get a few and just try them. So, I packed Luke up, ran by a friends house to drop something off, and then off to the dollar store. Grabbed 2 of them and went straight home. By this time it was around 11 am. I got home, and was going to wait until Brandon got home to take it....but decided..."hey, I already got one negative, what's the harm of taking another one, getting a negative, just to be sure" So, I took it. Layed it on the sink and walked away. Played with Luke for a few minutes, almost forgot about taking it....walked in there. and......

2. lines.


double check it.


2 lines. this thing sure?? read the directions...did I take it right? shake it a little.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I'm pregnant.

and then I seriously gasped a happy gasp. Luke looked at me like I was silly. I then tried to calm my nerves to make a call in to my husband. I wanted him to know right then. Because I immediately felt bad that he wasn't there when I took it! I so thought it was going to be a negative that I wasn't prepared for the great result!

I called Brandon and said, " you think you could come home for a little bit. PUH LEASE...I really need you to come home." He immediately asked if something was wrong with Luke. I said, "Oh no...he is GREAT. But I need you home. Right. Now." He then said to me after a long dramatic pause, "Sarah, are you pregnant?????" to which I tried to hide because who wants to tell their hubby over the phone they are pregnant?!? He saw right through it and through my meek and little "um yeah" he started laughing and yelling...and was so excited. That made me feel better, but he still didn't come home! Oh well, it was still fun to tell him. Even if it was over the phone.

My sister then called me and asked me to go out to lunch and Brandon had told me to wait to tell our family because we would do it in person to which I agreed. But do you know how hard it is to have taken a test 30 minutes before my sister showed up and then sit across from her at Culver's and NOT say a stinkin word to her about how our lives had just changed 30 minutes prior to that?!?!!? SOOOOOO hard.

After I made it through lunch with mums the word. We went back home, Luke went down for his nap and we waited till Daddy got home. When he got home (late I might add! geesh!) we met him in the drive way and we just smiled at each other. Like we still couldn't believe it happened. I then said, "um, I can't wait to tell my parents any longer. I will be around them all day tomorrow and then we will see your parents too....I can't keep this a secret...lunch was awful!" So we packed up Luke and headed straight to our parents house.