May 16, 2009

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him

1 Samuel 1:27

Friday, February 20, 2009

He's a little bigger than a peanut now...

Our ultrasound this morning went great. Peanut is measuring right on track for 28 weeks. And is about 2lbs 10 oz. Apparently I am just measuring small....why? I'm not 100% sure yet. I won't see my doctor until a week from next Wednesday to find out for sure. But the ultrasound tech and the doctor on call there said he measured fine and so did everything else. As in the fluid around him and the placenta. So that is all great news!

Luke enjoyed seeing "baby" too and got excited when his pictures came up on the big screen he could see. If only he knew that this "baby" was actually going to be coming out to stay around....he might think differently. :) But it's still neat to see him getting excited to go to the baby appointments.

If this baby comes around 36 weeks like Luke did, he could be here in 8 weeks! YES...2 months or less. If not, it could be up to 11 weeks till we meet him. We are getting so excited to finally hold him in our arms!
Here is a sneak peak of his bedroom...
We aren't quite done with it yet. But hopefully it will be completely done very soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

28 week appt

I had my 28 week appt today. And it went well. Gained 2 lbs. Which is no fun to see those numbers on that scale just keep going up and up and up..... Baby is good. We heard his heartbeat, but the thing that caught me off guard is that I am measuring a month behind. so at 27 weeks 4 days I am measuring 24 weeks. (my doctor said she could fudge and maybe say 26...but I told her not to fudge....even though i wish i was bigger...only because it makes me worried)

so, because I am measuring a month behind, she wanted me to go in for an ultrasound to check up on this little peanut. She said she isn't worried by any means and that a smaller measurment can happen, but to just ease my mind and be safe to have an ultrasound done. and seriously, who would turn down an ultrasound?? we get to see him again! So we go on Friday at 9am to check up on him...and see why in the world I am measuring the way I am. Good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated to ease my mind that he is okay. Dr. G said that everything else looks good and he was measuring right on at my 20 week scan (even though i was almost 18 weeks) so that is good news.

Other than that, I passed my 3 hour glucose test! It was a long and very tiring day, not to mention how nasty that orange drink tastes...but I passed. and so it was all worth it to make sure he is doing fine.

I will keep you posted on the results of the ultrasound...stay tuned for Friday!

Friday, February 13, 2009

third trimester!

I have officially made it. The last trimester. Man that is a good feeling. :) I am already getting tired much easier than before...and have noticed that the belly seems to get in the way quite often. Poor Luke has had to figure out a new way to sit on my lap when reading our books now. I have been having several braxton hicks contractions lately, and some of them last night were a little bit painful. Like I could feel them in my was either that, or my back just hurt. It's hard to tell.

I took my Glucose Test on Wednesday and failed with flying colors once again. My score was 145 and it needs to be below 140. So, on Monday morning I am going back to take the 3 hour glucose test. Hopefully I will pass that one, and won't have gestational diabetes this time around. When I was pregnant with Luke, I failed the one hour test (with a score of 149) and barely squeaked by my 3 hour test (one of my numbers was pretty high, and for you to be considered having GD, you have to fail 2 or more of the blood draws). I am just trying to stay optimistic about it. If I have it....I have it. And I would rather know so that this little peanut is healthy when he makes his entrance into this world.

I am also a tad bit anemic this time around too. My score was 11.2 (needs to be above 12.5) and that was pretty much the same with Luke too (11.4). So that didn't suprise me at all. We will see if Dr. G wants me to take an iron supplement when I see her next Wednesday. She didn't have me take one with Luke, so we will see what she says this time around.

On this day 3 years ago, we found out we were going to be parents. Why does 3 years sound like such a short time, but feel like an eternity??? heehee. I don't know, must be chasing after our 2 year old...who is technically almost 2.5! When did THAT happen?

So, we are still trucking along with this little peanut. I start seeing the doctor ever 2 weeks now, so that should make the time go by a little faster, and March is going to be a busy month with 2 showers I am helping with, my birthday, my sister's birthday, and maybe a little get away with just Brandon and Luke. I'm excited!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

another appointment 25 weeks 3 days

I had another appointment yesterday and it went well. My doctor said baby is going really good and felt like he was head down. Which I am sure will change as time goes on as he is flipping and flopping as I type.

We also were able to schedule the remainder of my appointments...which seems so unreal that it is getting so close now. So I am starting to go every 2 weeks now, because she wants to see me close to 28 weeks...which is really only a few weeks away...and then after 28 weeks you go every 2 weeks until 36 weeks when you start going every week.

We also scheduled my csection! Tuesday May 12 at 8am. We are so excited. I will be 39 weeks 3 days then, so hopefully I can make it that far. But she said regardless of when this little peanut decides to come they will do a csection anyway. That made me feel better. It has been a hard decision on whether or not I should opt for a csection this time around but have finally weighed all my options and decided on a planned csection. My doctor and the nurses have said it probably would be a good idea to do it too. So that made me feel even better with the decision.

His heartbeat was 145, and she measured my belly at only 22 cm! which shocked me...but she said it is okay because of my size. On top of that though, I gained 8lbs in one month! Which seems like a lot to me...but I have really only gained 8.8lbs this whole pregnancy so far because I lost 6 lbs in the beginning.

So overall it was a great appt and Luke really enjoyed hearing "baby" over the doppler and even wanted to help wipe the gunk off my belly when my doctor was done. He seems to really be interested in what's going on with me and this baby. But we will see what he thinks once this little man actually gets here. I bet he loves it.