May 16, 2009

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him

1 Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

37 weeks....

I had another appointment this afternoon at 37 weeks 3 days. Baby is growing and sounded great. My doctor said that they will probably have to do a csection anyway to get this baby out of me! So, I guess we are still waiting for May 12. I'm not too sure he is going to be coming sooner than that. So, exactly 2 weeks from today we will be holding our little boy for sure.

I am feeling ready. Physically, emotionally....just ready. I'm tired of being tired (have I ever mentioned that before??), tired of the contractions that aren't doing anything, tired of people I don't know constantly making comments about the belly (A BIG thank you goes to the lady at McDonald's today who stated, and I quote" WHOAAAAAAAA lady! You are BIG!!" that is always what you want to hear), tired of being so stinkin' grumpy all the time.

I just don't feel like myself. My doctor said that even though we want this baby out so bad.....a newborn isn't all it's cracked up to be. (She just had a baby around the same time my sweet little nephew was born, so I think she is still going on few hours of sleep...). But I don't care about all that newborn stuff.

I can't wait to get up and see his sweet face and hold his sweet little body. And just smell him.....well the good smells if you know what I mean. I'm ready. We're ready. He's not. *sigh*

So we wait. Knowing God's timing doesn't necessarily have to be our own. This pregnancy has taught me a lot about being faithful and trusting. (Not that I had a hard time before with it....but God has opened my eyes to how much more I need to just lean on him)

Funny that that name we have had picked out for him means just that..."faithful"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Boy's room

Looks like we may be just about done with Peanut's room. Luke said we were.....
We got his new crib in, and things are coming together. I've finally hung a few things on the walls...

and all the little diapers are in place and ready for that sweet baby bottom!
Some of his clothes are now hanging in that huge closet, which makes his clothes seem even littler than what they are! (but...they are really really little....)

Now, if he'd only get here! A little less than 3 weeks now! We are getting very anxious!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eventful week

34 weeks 6 days till now has been very eventful. With 4 trips to Labor and Delivery and one regular OB appointment, this peanut has kept us on our toes. We know he is doing well, is healthy and strong (as he HATES to have the contraction moniter sitting on top of him...he has literally almost kicked it off every time) and definetly has his own timing for when he will make his debut into this world. :)

My 36 week appointment went well yesterday. She checked me again, (for the 5th! time this week) and has said their hasn't been any change in my cervix. I am still a loose 1cm, 75% effaced, and at 0 station. Which is good of course, because we didn't want this baby to come and have to be automatically admitted to the NICU because he was under 36 weeks. But at the same time, it's getting really difficult to be having contractions all day long, every day, and know they are just not sufficient enough to make anything happen. *sigh*

I just feel ready physically and emotionally. I want to be able to get up in the middle of the night and hold this sweet stubborn boy instead of make my drowsy, dizzy way to the bathroom 3+ times. I want to see Luke hold his baby brother instead of kissing my belly and hugging my belly button. I want to see Brandon hold both his boys and love on them. I am soooo ready to be a mommy to two.

Like my doctor said yesterday, good news is, is that this pregnancy MUST end. It's just whether it's going to be this week, next week, or that final 3rd week on my scheduled day. She said she doesn't think I will make it to May 12, but the other doctor in her practice didn't think I would make it to my appointment yesterday! It's just a waiting game now. :)

At the appointment yesterday, she was taking measurements of my belly and listening to the heartbeat when Luke shouted, "no no no no Guke's baby!!" and lifted up his shirt. So my doctor went over and pretended to measure his "baby" and put the doppler and gel on his "baby" to listen to it. He just thought that was the coolest thing. So that made him feel important. It was hilarious though.

so, this baby will be here, regardless, in 3 weeks. Which really....isn't that far away. We just hope these contractions that aren't making me make any progress actually stop...or slow down enough that I don't feel so tired!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just so tired....

I am just to the point of exhaustion most days. Just worn out and tired. It's hard to really do much around the house anymore. I'm just soooo tired of being sooooo tired. I can't sleep well at night, Brandon has officially moved from our bed to the couch, just so he can get a decent nights rest, and I can well, not worry about waking him up with every move I make. I probably am getting up at least 3 times a night to go to the bathroom, and my hips are hurting from sleeping only on my sides. I'm just so done. I am wanting so bad to enjoy this time, especially since we are now officially under the 5 week mark, but I just want to feel half way normal. I know that when this baby comes, I will be getting up to take care of him in the middle of the night too, but at least I will get to see my sweet baby's face instead of the toilet. That's a lot more rewarding! heehee.

I know it sounds like I am complaining, and to my husband I apologize for that, because I have done it a lot lately. But waiting for baby number 2 to make his debut is so much different than waiting for baby number 1 to make his. We know what to expect this time around, we know what middle of the night feedings entail, we know about the diaper changes, the laundry, and the new sweet baby smell. We cannot wait to finally have him HERE with us....enjoying him for all he is, and watching our first born interact with his brother. As much as I know he is safe and sound inside of me right now, feeling his sweet movements, and having him all to myself, I am soooo ready for the next phase.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

34 week appt

I had my 34 week appointment today...and everything is looking great. I had been having some pretty intense contractions this week. Sunday evening I had them about every 7-9 minutes for about an hour and half, but they ended up slowing down, so I didn't put a call into my doctor. But today when I told her about them, she wanted to do our first internal exam as well as a Fetal Fibronectin Test.

I am not dialated and the cervix looks good. So that is great news. And the results of the FFN test came back negative. So that means more than likely this little peanut will not be here within the next 2 weeks. (she said that test is about 98% accurate). Which is good because in 2 weeks, I won't quite be 36 weeks yet, so it makes me feel better to know he won't be here before then, and more than likely won't have a NICU stay. I have been so worried this time around, especially with Luke coming at 36 weeks and having as many contractions as early as I have, that he would be here, like, NOW. But God is good and I know he is ultimately in control of this situation. Just as He had His hand in Luke's birth.

So we are still playing the waiting game. And we are getting very eager to hold this new little man in our arms very soon.