May 16, 2009

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him

1 Samuel 1:27

Monday, December 29, 2008

Little Behind

We have been so busy these past few weeks....that I feel like the 20th week of pregnancy has really snuck up on me! It is true what people say, with the second don't notice it as much with everything else you have going on around you....especially a busy 2 year old boy! But I am enjoying being pregnant now. This is by far my favorite stage. I'm not too big yet but not feeling so nauseous that I can't do anything. It's great. 20 weeks means half way....and in Luke's case...18 weeks meant it's now weird to think that more than likely in LESS than 18 weeks this little man will be here.

He is moving like crazy! and doesn't really favor one spot like his brother did. I feel him everywhere....and he is getting so strong. We were hoping that by Christmas Brandon could finally feel him...and the day after Christmas it happened! We were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep and he was kicking so hard. We just layed there in silence and then all of a sudden Brandon saw him move! It was pretty cool. When Brandon can feel him and see him, I think it makes it seem more real for him, like, wow, there really is a little man inside of me! :) I still can't beleive that this time next year we will have a 3 year old AND a 7 month old! It's crazy. But I can't wait! Our next baby appointment is on January 6th at 10am. So it will be exciting to hear his heartbeat again.
Here is my 20 week belly pic! Man I look tired! Guess it was a long weekend!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Loving this stage

This is one of the best stages of pregnancy. The 2nd trimester, where you get your energy back, you're not puking your guts out or so tired you can't do anything, or feeling so big and enormous that you just want it to be over. I love this stage. If all of my pregnancies could feel like it does right this moment...maybe I really would have those 6 kids I always wanted to have when I was in high school. But, knowing how the beginning can be for me, this is probably going to be our last. Right now I can't imagine feeling like I did, puking, tired, dehydrated, and take care of 2 kids on top of that. It was hard with just Luke... I know I say that now (as my mom and mother in law remind me) but I really think I am serious. I guess we will see what the next few years hold. Will we try again for a little girl?? I don't know.

I am feeling this little man move a lot now. I started feeling him consistantly (although small small kicks) around 16 weeks. But now..I definetly feel him move everyday and he is getting pretty strong! I usually feel him in the lower part of my belly, but have felt him pretty close to my belly button lately too. I guess that means he is just growing and moving up into my belly more. :) Brandon has tried to feel him a few times, but he's not strong enough yet for daddy to feel him. I'm thinking it will be soon though. He felt Luke at 20-21 weeks, so hopefully this little man will give Daddy an early Christmas present by making his presence known.

I have a picture of his ultrasound in a picture frame next to my bed and it's next to a picture of Luke too. Luke saw it the other morning and said, "MY baby. Mommy (pointed to my belly) Not in Dada." and then kissed my belly. What a sweet little man. I think he is definetly getting it now that he saw the ultrasound done that there really is something growing inside of me. I'm getting anxious for May to be here so that he can have a brother because I know Luke will be a wonderful big brother.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's a brother!!

It's a BOY!

We are so excited. Yesterday seemed like such a whirlwind day. We had to be up at the hospital by 8am and trying to get a 2 year old out the door by 7am is harder than you think. Especially when he is used to sleeping in till about 8:30-9:00am. But we made it out the door and on our way...on time!!

We arrived at the hospital and met my mom, sister, and mother in law there. I am so glad we asked them to come. It just made that day so much more exciting to share with people we love and who already love this little peanut growing inside of me. Luke of course tried to steal the show and made us laugh a lot while we waited to go in. My mom brought her camera and took some neat pictures of the morning as it happened and as soon as I get copies of them, I'll post them. I was going to bring mine, but I didn't want Brandon to think I was a little "too" excited and a big dork. But I am so glad my mom did!!

We went in and got ready for the ultrasound and Luke let my mom hold him as he watched the baby on "tv". The technician said, "I am assuming you want to know the sex since everyone is here!" we laughed and said, "um...YES!!" It took her a few minutes to find it and then there it was! BOY!! Everyone was so excited and Luke was smiling from ear to ear like he really knew what was going on.....he would point to the tv and then to my belly and then back to the tv and then back at me and say "baby" over and over. It really was the cutest thing. The technician gave us all a minute and left the room so we could all have a moment together...which was nice and I went to the bathroom. As I came out..Luke greeted me at the door with a hug and a big pat on the belly for "baby". It really was the sweetest thing!! I think he really gets it now. Even today he points to the ultrasound pictures and then to my belly and says "baby".

Everything else took a while because he was curled up and moving around a ton! It took a few tries to get some good measurements and pictures of his parts. But he is healthy! Praise God. We feel so blessed to have another healthy little man. He is definetly a mover and shaker!! Just like his big brother....oh boy....we might have our hands full! At least we will have GREAT dance parties. :)

Seeing him yesterday makes this pregnancy feel so much more real. I mean...I knew I was pregnant, I had the symptoms of course, was so sick in the beginning, and have even began to feel him move around a lot more this past week. (He is kicking me right now as I type this actually. :) I LOVE this part of pregnancy.) But to actually "meet" him and see his sweet little face and hands and feet...and everything.....words can't even describe how incredibly happy I feel right now. Another little just feels so right for us. I get to say "my boys" now! Luke will be a great big brother and this little man growing inside of me is so blessed to have Luke as his big brother. I seriously cannot wait for May to come so now we can actually hold this little guy in our arms.

Monday, December 8, 2008

First Post

This is our first post for our new blog! I know I have one for our family already, but I wanted to make a journal for what will probably be my last pregnancy. I want to remember every detail of it...and even though I have a journal I am writing in, this is easier to share pictures and updates about the pregnancy with family and friends.

Since I am already 17 weeks 2 days, I feel like I have already missed so much of this pregnancy, from the day we got our positive test, to the morning sickness and dehydration, to the first time I felt this peanut move (it was on Halloween by the way...).

We find out in 2 days what this peanut is going to be. Boy OR Girl?? I don't have a feeling one way or the other, but I'm going to guess :) Tomorrow it could change. Brandon thinks boy...and he really wants another boy. I will be fine with whatever God gives us, and well, quite frankly pretty thankful that God makes that decision for us. heehee. I don't think I would ever be able to decide that! It would change everyday!

Anyway, I hope whoever reads this will enjoy my ramblings as this pregnancy progresses into the welcoming of our new little baby peanut. Don't worry, one day both kids will be on ONE website. This is pretty much for my journaling pleasure right now. :)

If you think about us, we would definetly covet prayers for a healthy baby on Wednesday morning at 8am! and then after you pray that...pray it shows us the goods! :)